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Elon Musk Says TikTok Feels Like An Annoying AI Attack

Elon Musk criticized TikTok deeming the company’s AI annoying, shortly after he teased a new social media platform.

It is no secret that Tesla chief Elon Musk does not hold mainstream social media in high regard. This reflects in the tech billionaire’s decision to not have a TikTok or Instagram account.

However, he uses Twitter as the main way to interact with followers. TikTok developers have been catching flak lately over the app’s privacy concerns.

Musk did not shy away from taking a jab at the controversy-plagued app either, calling its AI “annoying.” Earlier this week, Musk responded to a tweet by Tesla’s Director of AI, Andrej Karpathy.

Elon Musk Takes A Jab At TikTok

In his tweet, he noted that “TikTok feels like such an obvious AI attack that it’s annoying.” On Friday, Musk tweeted: “Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done?”

The 50-year-old business magnate followed up on the Tweet by asking his followers whether or not a new platform is needed.

In another tweet, Musk stated that “free speech is essential to a functioning democracy” and questioned whether Twitter “rigorously adheres to this principle.”

However, Musk has not officially confirmed any plans to build a new social media platform. Nevertheless, a report by Dexerto suggests that several billionaires might be working on one.

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