Valkyrae HasanAbi purity test
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Valkyrae Refuses To Take HasanAbi’s Purity Test – “I Would Have To Lie”

Valkyrae hilariously failed the ‘Purity Test’ founded by streamer HasanAbi. The newly surfaced test is taking the internet by storm.

Valkyrae gave HasanAbi’s Purity Test a try during their recent collaborative Livestream together. Fans loved every bit of it despite Valkyrae hilariously failing the test.

What Is HasanAbi’s Purity Test

The purity test comprises a series of questions related to physical relationships and romance. The test includes basic questions like:

“Held hand romantically”
“Been on a date”
“Been in a relationship”

Notably, it boasts an impressive array of some crazy questions as well.

Valkyrae Fails The Purity Test

During her recent collaborative Livestream with HasanAbi, Valkyrae failed to answer some crazy questions as part of the streamer’s purity test.

The duo was having a fun interaction when Hasan surprised Rae by inviting her to participate in his purity test. The test comprises a whopping 100 questions and many of them are quite crazy to answer on Livestream publicly, as per a report by SportsKeeda.

“I cannot no, no, no because then I would have to lie,” Rae admitted. “Wait, what the f**k does that mean? Wait, hold up what? What do you mean what? You said you had to lie in which direction?” Hasan replied.

Fans React

However, the YouTuber explained that there are some things that she shouldn’t mention on the Livestream. The duo’s hilarious interaction triggered interesting responses from viewers.

Most viewers were surprised by Valkyrae’s response, as it didn’t coincide with her shy and sweet personality.

“She should just take the test off stream, then publish her results, & let people go crazy guessing what she has & hasn’t done,” one YouTube viewer said.


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Another viewer pointed out that Rae has a reputation for keeping her personal as well as private life at a distance.

“I think Rae wasn’t necessarily saying she’s done alot of those things but moreso she doesn’t want to overshare to so many ppl online cause she & many other women streamers have a lot of creeps that’s constantly harassing them online & something like this would only fuel those weirdos more.”

Valkyrae is one of the world’s most influential social media personalities. She has over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Watch this space for the latest updates on popular streamers!

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