Valkyrae Fuslie
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Valkyrae Jump Scared During ‘DEVOUR’ Stream [Watch], Fuslie Reacts

Valkyrae was jump-scared while playing a horror game during her live stream. Her hair-raising scream left Fuslie and viewers in hysterics.

Live streams can sometimes capture hilarious unpredictable moments. For instance, a goose attacking IRL streamer justketh in front of her viewers. 

Streamer Valkyrae has also been subject to such unpredictable moments during her live streams. To recap, a fan made a whopping $200k charity donation.

Nevertheless, the top moment was when she let out a terrifying scream when her housemates tried to grab her attention during the stream. 

Valkyrae Terrified While Playing A Horror Game

On May 16. Rae was playing the co-op horror survival game DEVOUR with her friends. It is no secret that she doesn’t enjoy horror games since they usually have a lot of jump scares,

As expected, she was on edge. She heard a mysterious voice calling her name right in the middle of the game. After looking off-camera, the YouTube star let out a piercing scream.

Much to her relief, it was just her housemate Evon giving her some snacks. “We’re playing a scary game and you have some business, bruh, coming up here like that,” Valkyrae shouted. 

“Bro, I thought the audio was in the game. I thought your voice was in the game. It was so scary!”

Fuslie streamed her own reaction to the clip, as per a Dexerto report. Fuslie was left in hysterics and claimed she wouldn’t have reacted the same way as Valkyrae.

However, Rae somehow mustered the courage to continue playing DEVOUR. Also, she admitted that she “peed [herself] a little” over the scare.

Watch this space for the latest updates on streamers!

Vinay Patel

Vinay Patel

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