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Valkyrae Had A Scary Encounter With An Anti-Vax Uber Driver On NYE

Popular social media sensation Valkyrae opened up about a crazy encounter with an Uber driver. The star revealed she had an unusual encounter with an Uber driver on her way to an Offline New Year’s party.

Rae welcomed the New Year with a fellow streamer DisguisedToast, but she had a crazy Uber experience on the way to OfflineTV house.

Valkyrae Speaks About Crazy Encounter With Uber Driver On New Year Eve


“It was really horrible,” Rae told.

“I was already scared from being lost in the dark,” Valkyrae added. Furthermore, she told, “then I get in this car and he’s raving and not wearing a mask. I felt terrified by him.”

In addition to this, Valkyrae mentioned that she was in the cab for around thirty minutes. She told that she was anxious that he might, “kidnap her” or “take [me] to another country.”

The 100 Thieves co-founder gave an in-depth description of her experience. She mentioned, “It was just… I felt so unsafe.”

The topic begins at 16:04 in the video below

“He didn’t wear a mask, and was literally just talking at me for the whole ride ⁠— we’re in this car for like thirty minutes, driving ⁠— and he’s telling me he’s against vaccines, he doesn’t like masks, and all that kind of stuff. I just didn’t know what to say. So I kept agreeing ‘cause I was scared he might do something”, as reported by Dexerto.

Talking about her journey, Rachell said, “I ticked that option that said “quiet preferred” in the app, I had that on, and he was not preferably quiet, at all. Like thirty minutes straight I was so anxious, I didn’t want to get on his bad side. He was acting wild.”

“I hardly ride Ubers anymore, and I had to get this one. I had so much anxiety. It was scary! When he dropped me off I sprinted inside, so fast. So unsafe.”

“Look, I know the best solution,” she added, concluding that the best solution is,  “I have a car, I do have friends, so I won’t be catching Ubers again soon. I don’t want to, that’s for sure.”

Well, this looks like one interesting New Year’s Eve for Valkyrae!

Titiksha Jain

Titiksha Jain

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