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Valkyrae Goes Live Using Sykkuno’s Streaming Setup, Here’s Why He Freaked Out

After her PC stopped working, Sykkuno gave Valkyrae his streaming setup, but he was surprised when she started streaming while using it.

Sykkuno lives with Rae and other streamers for some time before leaving for Las Vegas. He has a stream setup at both houses, according to a report by Dexerto.

Valkyrae’s PC quit working even before the popular streamer could get a new one. So, Sykkuno allowed her to use his setup. However, he freaked out as Rae went live.

Sykkuno Reacts To Valkyrae Using His Stream Setup

On January 15, Valkyrae went live on her own channel using Sykkuno’s spare setup in Los Angeles. Much to his chagrin, Sykkuno noticed that Rae did not change any of his OBS scenes to her own.

In other words, Rae was sporting Sykkuno’s branding before she starts streaming. However, she deleted his search history to ensure nothing is leaked.

(Topic starts at 1:49:36)

“I squinted, I went to the search history and [cleared it all]. I logged out of everything,” she said.

“He doesn’t have a display capture, this guy is so unnecessarily cautious, and for what? I feel like there’s nothing for him to leak anyways.

“There are tons, you could leak your bank account. Idk if I’m freaking out more than I should, it just feels… ugh. I used to sit there guys. That was my chair,” Sykkuno said.

Sykkuno helped Valkyrae with the stream settings before the duo began their respective broadcasts. On January 10, PC-building company PowerGPU revealed that Rae’s new PC is on the way.

So, it is safe to assume that Valkyrae won’t be using Sykkuno’s streaming setup for too long. Watch this space for the latest updates on popular streamers.

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