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Sykkuno Sparks Twitch Exit Rumors After An Emotional Stream

The word on the street is that Sykkuno could be on the verge of leaving Twitch in favor of YouTube. Is he really leaving the platform?

During his recently-concluded National Sykkuno Day stream, Sykkuno expressed his gratitude to his fans. However, the rumor mill is now churning out speculations surrounding his Twitch departure.

Sykkuno is one of the fan-favorite members of the Amigops. His loyal fanbase sent out several emotional messages to the streamer on May 1, during ‘National Sykkuno Day’.Amigops Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, Disguised Toast

Towards the end of the stream, Sykkuno became teary-eyed. He went on to issue an emotional “thank you” to everyone who supported him in his journey.

However, some of his comments left his fans wondering if there was another reason why he was so emotional during his stream. Many speculated that it could be a major sign that the streamer is considering jumping ship.

In other words, some of his fans believe Sykkuno could be gearing up to leave Twitch and move to YouTube.

Sykkuno Becomes Teary-Eyed During The Stream

Fans took to chat to send out their good wishes, and thank Sykkuno for the impact he has had on their lives. Aside from this, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, and Fuslie left a slew of emotional messages for him in a game of Minecraft.

“Thanks a bunch to my friends for making my stream great and for making me want to stream even more, actually,” Sykkuno said.

As the clip was posted to Reddit, fans discussed whether Sykkuno could be prepping to retire from streaming altogether. However, others claimed he was planning to move to YouTube.

To recall, he previously criticized Twitch’s alleged exclusivity and split revenue changes. “For everyone saying his friends are crying it’s probably a ‘look how far he’s come’ cry,” one fan claimed.

“I think it’s him moving to [YouTube] because he made it clear that he was neither sick nor was quitting streaming.”

Notably, one Reddit user claimed that it could be simply because he is relocating. “I mean didn’t he recently say he’s moving back to Vegas? It’s probably his last stream in LA, maybe a platform change is coming too.”

However, Sykkuno has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations. Watch this space for the latest updates on Sykkuno and other popular streamers.

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