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SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Internet Service Could Set You Back $99 Per Month

SpaceX is expanding the beta test of its much-awaited Starlink satellite internet service, sending out emails earlier this week to people who showed interest in signing up for the service.

The majority of people have taken the internet for granted and have a false notion that they will be connected to the network from any part of this world. In actuality, some places have bad to no internet connectivity, and tech giant SpaceX is hoping to tackle this major issue by launching its Starlink internet service that relies on satellites to beam the internet around the world.

The plan sounds quite expensive and ambitious but the main question is that how much will Starlink cost when it does go live? According to a report from Reuters, based on emails that they have seen, it is expected that Starlink internet will be priced at $99 a month, plus an additional $499 that customers will have to pay for a setup kit.

Reuters said that they had a conversation with one user who signed up for the beta test and paid a total of $578 for the entire setup, including shipping and handling.

SpaceX hasn’t yet officially announced or confirmed the pricing of Starlink’s internet plans, but it seems that the company has started to send out invitations to the beta test to those living in states like Washington, Wisconsin, and Idaho.

However, Starlink will not be the first to attempt to use satellites to offer internet connectivity. Other companies such as ViaSat offer similar services that are priced at $170 a month, so in comparison, Starlink’s prices aren’t too bad, although we guess it’s more for people in rural areas seeking some kind of coverage rather than those who are looking for the fastest internet possible.

Another report stated that Starlink internet has a 300% Speed Gain Over HughesNet and ViaSat. So higher speed and cheaper cost may attract a large number of users to Starlink. The mean velocity of Starlink was ~80Mb/s in October. Watch this space for the latest tech news!

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