Russia legalizes piracy of games
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Russia Legalizes Piracy Of Games To Combat Global Sanctions

Russia is legalizing piracy of games after major game developers like Microsoft, Sony, and Activision-Blizzard halt business with and in the country.

Leading game developers continue to pull out of the Russian market citing global sanctions. Now, the country has legalized the piracy of games and digital media, according to a report by Dexerto.

Notable game developers like Microsoft, Sony and Activision-Blizzard, and more have stopped their business operation in the country’s market. This comes amid global sanctions.

Russia Legalizes Piracy Of Games

Much to the chagrin of Russian streamers, even Twitch has been a force to hold back their payments. In a bid to combat the sanctions, the Russian government has legalized piracy of games, films, and various digital media.

Last week, a new law waived the need for Russian companies to pay patent holders from what it deems “unfriendly countries” for using their intellectual property.

Moreover, several Western countries are covered under the aforesaid definition. These include the United States and the entirety of the EU.

“This will smooth out the impact on the market of breaks in supply chains, as well as the shortage of goods and services that arose due to new sanctions by Western countries,” Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development told the state media before the law passed.

Although it does not explicitly state so, the law effectively legalizes piracy. Furthermore, Russian politicians are also calling for the unblocking of torrent sites. This will facilitate the piracy of films and TV shows.

However, the new law does not enable Russian users to play live-service games. So, some players are reportedly using VPNs to avoid the restrictions.

Nevertheless, the law will enable Russian users to effortlessly offline titles. On March 2, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, urged “all game development companies and esports platforms” to halt Russian operation.

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