overwatch sombra cowgirl skin
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‘Overwatch’ Sombra Transforms Into A Cowgirl In A New Skin Concept

An Overwatch Sombra skin concept reimagines the powerful infiltrator in the cowgirl lifestyle, and fans are loving it.

Overwatch players have been coming up with different ways to reinterpret their favorite characters. With the Overwatch community growing beyond just the video game, some players have created awe-inspiring concepts for Blizzard Entertainment’s popular first-person shooter game.

Some creative players enjoy creating skins, heroes, and game modes. Moreover, the game is likely to undergo a radical overhaul with Overwatch 2 around the corner. So, it would be really nice to see some of these ideas coming to fruition in the much-awaited sequel.

Overwatch Sombra Gets A Wild West Makeover

Reddit user the_npc_ (aka Cassiel) created a concept skin for Sombra if she rode a horse. The skin shows the fan-favorite hero in a Wild West outfit, coupled with boots and a gun.

The weapon she’s holding resembles the body of a horse, with her reticle being a saddle, as per Dexerto. However, fans think a hat would have completed the look.

Some Redditors took to the comments section of the post to ask where the hat was. Cassiel responded saying she was wearing a tiny one around her neck and located on her back.

Nevertheless, the artist gained praise for her creative Overwatch skin from the Overwatch community. “Wow I love this, personally I’d think she’d rock bell bottoms or a really long skirt. But I love the skirt design it’s super cute. And the gun, hella creative,” one commenter said.

Another added, “Awe this is really cute, I love her gun!” Watch this space for the latest gaming news!


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