Overwatch AI bots
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‘Overwatch’ Players Left Shocked After AI Bots Invade Ranked

What happens when actual AI bots enter the game? Well,  ask Overwatch players as they got baffled watching AI bots invade ranked.

Many times players compare their teammates with AI bots but who thought they will get to see actual bots pop-up in the game?

Overwatch Players Were Shocked As AI Bots Invade Ranked

In Overwatch, there are a few ways to fight off the AI opponents. Either you queue up against them in a custom game or fight off Talon.

Interestingly, when bots themselves come in ranked, that’s is quite a shock.  It is totally unexpected for most players. This is why some players were shocked to see this in a random competitive match.

A Reddit user SloshyForever showed his team competed against a stack of AI players in a 2CP battle on Temple of Anubis.

Ranked matchmaking and we get BOTS. Can someone explain what is happening? from Overwatch

The Reddit user then asked, “Can someone explain what is happening?”.  They received replies from other users in comments, as per Dexerto.

They mentioned, “You’re more likely to see these bots / multibox teams in Gold and below, because they’ll start off at the middle of the SR curve (around 2350 SR) and then fall rapidly as they lose,” a user noted. “You can usually tell if they’re bots because the names will be simple/weird and the entire team will be at a similar level.”

In spite of the fact, that day was saved yet Blizzard entertainment might want to fix this issue sooner. We will see Overwatch 2 coming soon.

Now, it will be interesting to see what comes up in the newest version of Overwatch. Players are waiting for a long time for the game to come out. Further, there were rumors about a major downgrade in Overwatch 2. This is because of ceratin development issues players are facing.

Titiksha Jain

Titiksha Jain

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1 thought on “‘Overwatch’ Players Left Shocked After AI Bots Invade Ranked”

  1. Finally, someone raised the issue which exists since 2019 (when I started seeing this). These are the smurf accounts which want to remain in their respective SR of choice. I have also seen same names when they’re not together as a team and play extremely well in a lower sr match. In a similar match (having all bots with same name) i repeatedly asked questions in match chat. Like “will you raise my sr ?” And one of them replied “yes” after that. No response.
    People don’t want the “amazing” things that revealed in OW2. They want to see THESE kinds of issues fixed. Otherwise OW2,3,4…… new game or dlc. it doesn’t matter as long as these issues exist.

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