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‘Overwatch’ Is Free To Play This Holiday Season

Now you can enjoy Overwatch for free during the holiday season. What more could one ask for? For the people who haven’t yet stepped into the Overwatch madness, then this is the time. The makers of Overwatch have given access to the game to everyone for free. 

Overwatch was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2016 and even now in 2021, it remains a top favorite. Blizzard Entertainment has launched a free trial program for Overwatch, as per PCgamer, that makes the game free till January 2. 

Overwatch Is Free For Playing This Holiday Season

The free trial gives players unlimited access to the entire content of the game. This means that any participant who joins can get access and choose from anyone from the roster, try any game modes, try the ongoing Winter Wonderland theme and play on any of the maps.

While the game is free for trial, players definitely need Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus subscriptions if playing on XBOX or Playstation. However, those playing from PC just need a Battle.net account to participate in the game. 

On one hand, the game is free to play on a trial basis. However, if you would like to continue playing even after the trial ends, you can buy the game at discounted prices. The year-end sales will get you heavy discounts. 

The best part about this free trial is that the players can keep anything they unlocked. This holds true even after they buy the game when the trial ends. The only thing to check is that they are using the same account.

Recently, Overwatch got introduced with Grinch Winston the famous character from Dr. Suess, who is known to spoil the Christmas spirit.  

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