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‘Overwatch’ Gets Grinch Winston Skin Concept To Ruin Christmas

Overwatch team introduces Grinch Winston skin concept and it looks like they are getting into an anti-Christmas spirit. 

While the Overwatch fans are eagerly waiting for the Overwatch 2 release date, this new Grinch skin concept appears like a teaser. Introducing the big green footsteps, as per Dexerto, New York Excelsior has decided to make this Christmas mischievous for all the Overwatch fans out there. 

Overwatch Team Introduces Grinch Winston Skin Concept

According to the 1957 Dr. Suess story, after Grinch got annoyed by the Christmas festivities, he planned to steal away the Christmas holiday. Grinch was just looking for some quiet time. 

The much-awaited Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event has brought new and exciting things for the players, world over. Overwatch saw D.Va’s sleighing skin which is complete with bells, reindeer antlers, red ruby sleigh, and golden accents. 

Finally, we see another addition to the Overwatch Winter Wonderland with Grinch Winston’s introduction. Now, it looks like the New York Excelsior wants to add some more spark which is why Mr mischievous Grinch met the wonderland.

Furthermore, Grinch is the best person to call up when one wants to create some chaos! Isn’t it?

The green big fuzzy guy has a grumpy look on his face.  The grumpy face makes it absolutely makes his annoyance absolutely clear. His costume is the customary Santa’s traditional clothes complete with a cap. A perfect costume to conceal his ulterior motives. 

Interestingly, Grinch Winston’s avatar comes with a sack on his back. Wait, there are no Santa’s goodies in Grinch’s sack! He is called, “The Grinch Who Stole Overwatch 2,” by the NYXL and they are giving us a sneak peek of the sequel through his sack.

Hence, it appears like they have decided to add in some copies of the highly anticipated sequel into Grinchston’s Santa sack.  This comes as a surprise because there is an entire community waiting for Overwatch 2.

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