OnePlus 9 Pro Hasselblad Camera
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OnePlus 9, 9 Pro New Update Brings Hasselblad XPan Panorama Mode

OnePlus has added a new Hasselblad XPan camera for the OnePlus 9 and 9 pro which allows users to experience the Hasselblad XPan on a smartphone.

Chinese manufacturer OnePlus had partnered with Swedish camera maker Hasselblad to improve its camera performance. Initially, Hasselblad focused solely on tune its camera colors.

However, now there has been a new update for the camera. The Swedish company’s XPan camera is going to be used for the OnePlus 9 and 9 pro.

OnePlus 9, 9 Pro To Feature Hasselblad Xpan Camera

The camera for the smartphone will replicate the features such as the focal lengths, colors, and processing of the XPan camera. It will allow users to capture wide aspect ratio images from their phones. It also can swiftly switch to full panorama format without having to change the film.

Users will be able to take panoramic photos with an aspect ratio of 65:24, similar to that of an XPan camera. Images clicked using the XPan mode are cropped from the 48MP and 50MP sensors instead of the default 12MP mode.

OnePlus 9 Pro Hasselblad Camera_2

OnePlus said that the look of these pictures will be completely different from the traditional 3:2 or 4:3 pictures. The Chinese company shared some sample shots taken in the XPan mode.

Users will now be able to shoot panoramic images at 30mm and 45mm final lengths with a preview from the viewfinder on the OnePlus camera app.

OnePlus and Hasselblad Spend Months On Camera Improvement

To create a 65:24 photo ratio, OnePlus and the Hasselblad Imaging team have spent several months optimizing and adjusting.

Finally, they defined a set of technical standards. When users shoot in XPan mode, they can still get a picture of about over 20MP, with a 30 mm focal length of 7552 × 2798 resolution and a 45 mm focal length of 7872 × 2916 resolution.

The Chinese company has said that they replicated the details of the XPan camera to provide users with a true Hasselblad XPan experience on their mobile.

OnePlus has provided two film simulation profiles for XPan mode, including a color mode and a black and white mode.

The XPan mode opens in black and white just like the classic XPan cameras. It also provides an optimized color mode. Users can switch between the two modes.

In XPAN mode, when the user presses the shutter, the frozen picture will be first shown as a negative film. After this, the picture will turn into a normal photo and be saved on the phone.

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