Oculus Quest v32, Oculus Quest 2
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New Oculus Quest: Software Features, Improvements & More

Oculus has been developing a set of new software features for Quest and Quest 2 virtual reality headsets. The v32 update introduces some small, but important tweaks to the in-headset user experience, as well as to the Oculus Move health tracking app.

It also features an option to automatically sync saved photos and videos captured within VR to the Oculus mobile app for iOS and Android. In the previous update, the user could upload files from a headset through the Browser app within VR. It was an improvement over the original method of plugging the headset into a PC.

In this update, the users can view or share content without a headset on. To sync items from the headset to the app for the first time. Open up the Files app from the Quest’s app library within the headset. Then click the cloud icon that will appear at its top-right corner. It will ask the user to turn on the syncing feature. Once it’s done, all images and videos will be viewable and shareable within the “Devices” pane in the Oculus mobile app.

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Previously, gifting had to be done by the Oculus app or through a browser. However, now the user can gift apps and games while you have a headset on.

As for chatting, the users can find their Oculus friends while in virtual reality and find these contacts in the “People” tab within Facebook Messenger in VR.

Oculus has said that this will be the new setup for everyone who installs the v32 software. Though users can use a filter that can display their Oculus or Facebook friends instead of both.

Oculus is altering its Move fitness platform that monitors users’ movements within games to report metrics. Oculus added a new weekly goal metric that lets users select how many days they’re aiming to work out in VR each week. The users can also share their Oculus Move workout stats.

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