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KTR Invites Elon Musk To Set Up Tesla Facility In Telangana

Industry & Commerce Minister of Telangana (State of India), KT Rama Rao is willing to help Elon Musk set up Tesla company in the state.

Elon Musk sparked a controversy with his tweet regarding the setting up of a Tesla car manufacturing unit in India. Taking to Twitter, the 50-year-old business magnate claimed that Tesla is unable to make its foray into the Indian market citing challenges to the government.

Replying to the Twitterverse, Musk wrote, “We are still working on this despite many challenges from the government.” As expected, netizens took to the comments section of this, sparking a new controversy.

KT Rama Rao Invites Elon Musk To Set Up A Tesla Facility

However, the entrepreneur has been denying the allegations. Musk drew flak from several celebrities for his remark. Even Telangana IT Minister KTR responded to Musk’s tweet.

KTR told Musk that Telangana and India are teeming with opportunities for industrial development. He went on to deem Telangana as the industrial development, investment, and sustainability champion, according to a report by The Hans Indian.

Aside from that, KTR stated that Telangana is a haven when it comes to investing in India. Musk has been trying to launch Tesla in India for quite some time now.

What Caused The Delay

For those who are unaware, India has the world’s second-largest car market. Despite three years of negotiations between Musk and the government, there has been no agreement.

This delay is a result of the conditions Musk has put forward. Moreover, he reportedly wants that the cars made abroad will go on sale in India first. Then, the manufacturing unit is set up in the country. Furthermore, he urged the government to reduce the tariffs on car imports.

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