Valkyrae iDubbbz Creator Clash
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iDubbbz Confirms Valkyrae Wants To Participate In Next Creator Clash Boxing Event

iDubbbz has confirmed that Valkyrae wants to fight in the upcoming Creator Clash boxing event. “Valkyrae has shown some interest.”

iDubbbz’s ‘Creator Clash’ event took the influencer boxing realm by storm. Now, a popular female streamer wants to be a part of the action next time.

YouTuber Ian ‘iDubbbz’ Washburn challenged his fellow influencer ‘RiceGum.’ But, little did he know it would take an unexpected turn.

While he was prepping to lock horns with the Clout House YouTuber, iDubbbz ended up hosting a major influencer boxing event dubbed Creator Clash.

Creator Clash was graced by influencers who spared no effort to make an impact on the event. Further, the event garnered an ecstatic response from fans with the entire Yuengling Arena sold out.

Moreover, the event gained over a whopping 100,000 pay-per-view streams. Now, a slew of top influencers expressed their interest to be a part of the boxing event.

The Creator Clash inspired a lot of social media stars including Valkyrae. iDubbbz shared his thoughts on Creator Clash with Dexerto recently.

The event hosted the first-ever women’s influencer boxing match between Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx’ and TikToker Yodeling Haley.

Valkyrae Could Make Her Boxing Debut Soon

iDubbbz revealed that many female influencers have reached out for a chance to make an appearance on the next Creator Clash card. “That was definitely spearheaded by Anisa,” iDubbbz said.

“She initially wanted to fight, and we needed to keep a female fight on the card. I’m super glad we did it because a lot of women have shown an interest in wanting to box now — a lot of female influencers. I think that’s great for women, I think it’s great for the space. Hopefully, we see more influencer cards packed full of women.”

During the interview, iDubbbz confirmed that YouTuber Valkyrae has some significant interest in taking part in another Creator Clash.

“I’m not sure what her decision is, but Valkyrae has shown some interest,” he revealed. “There’s also some female animators, as well. I don’t know any of their specific channel names right now.”

“There’s quite a few, almost too many to name right now. In general, there’s equal interest from female and male influencers to be in any new boxing events.”

To recap, Valkyrae has recently said she has already got offers to participate in the upcoming influencer boxing events. However, she didn’t confirm whether she plans to be a part of the event.

Nevertheless, Rae could shed more light on his plan in the coming days. Watch this space for the latest updates on popular streamers and social media influencers.

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