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David Dobrik Says Hasn’t Made A Dollar From YouTube Content In 4 Years

David Dobrik has admitted that he has not been making money from his YouTube content in four years. Is he planning to jump ship?

Despite not making money from his YouTube content for a long time, David Dobrik doesn’t want to lock it behind a paywall and believes it should be available for free.

Considered as one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, Dobrik has 18 million subscribers on his main channel. He is one of the top 200 vloggers, according to SocialBlade. However, he is still not making good money.

David Dobrik Reveals He Hasn’t Made Money From YouTube

In an episode of the VIEWS Podcast that aired on January 2, Dobrik revealed that he “hasn’t made a dollar” from his YouTube content in three to four years. However, he is not planning to jump ship.

“I think money is important because money can make so many other people happy,” he said. The co-host of The Views podcast, Jason Nash revealed that Dobrik makes “zero dollars” from YouTube.

The 25-year-old Slovak-born YouTuber admitted its true, saying, “Yeah. That’s f**ked up.”

“I was thinking about that the other day. For the people who don’t know, I haven’t made a dollar off YouTube in like three to four years.”

Aside from that, Dobrik said that he was planning to switch to paid platform, but did not do it. “I had a meeting with a paid platform person. I was like yeah, let’s do it. But after the meeting, I went f**king gray in the face.”

He thinks it would be “f**ked up” to charge people for his content. “If I make something great, I’m not going to want to put it behind a paywall. I’m going to want to put it out so everybody can access it.”

To recall, Dobrik had revealed that he is considering quitting vlogging, but for different reasons. “I think I did what I wanted to do with the vlogs,” he said.

“I just want to try something new. I’m like 25. When the f**k am I going to stop vlogging? When does the next thing happen?”

If Dobrik decides to quit YouTube, his latest claims suggest that his revenue won’t be affected.

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