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CodeMiko Shocks Her Twitch Viewers With Her Envy House Bidet Antics

Popular Vtuber CodeMiko left her Twitch viewers stunned after getting very physically close to the Envy House bidet.

CodeMiko carried her hand-cam to show the many rooms and corridors during her Envy House tour. Everyone, including the content creator was amazed.

CodeMiko Freaks Out Her Viewers

However, her amusing one of the bathrooms grossed out her Twitch chat as she interacted with a bidet.

“I’m just gonna wash my hands so you guys don’t freak out,” she said before bringing the bidet’s stream to her face. “It’s just water! Literally, it’s just water, guys.”

Given that the plumbing fixture isn’t as popular in some parts of the world, some of her viewers were understandably confused by her antics.

Her Twitch chat folded with DansGame emote and “no, no, no” from viewers as CodeMiko went on to lean into the bidet in a bid to take a sip from the stream.

The 21-year-old Vtuber told her chat it was just like any other faucet water. However, her viewers were not having it.

The new Envy House has had an ideal start with CodeMiko, the Botez sisters, and JustaMinx moving into the Hollywood Hills house, per Dexerto. The four streamers have already garnering huge popularity among their fans for their hilarious and even dangerous, antics.

To recall, Andrea Botez started a fire in the Envy content house earlier this week. Now, the four-streamer squad are trying to figure out how their massive LA house actually works. Especially, how the rooms and complicated shower setups work.

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