Cloud9 HCS Pro Series
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Cloud9 Wins The Third Straight HCS Pro Series

Cloud9 is going smooth and operates at a high class level after winning their third straight HCS Pro Series event.

In the upper bracket semifinals match, Cloud9 roster only dropped one map. The match was against eUnited, and swept Sentinels, FaZe, and OpTic en route for the fourth continuous HCS victory. 

Cloud9 Wins Fourth Consecutive Halo Event After Raleigh Major

In addition to this, Cloud9’s duo also had one more brilliant grand final in their 3-0 wins. This one was against OpTic. So, it looks like there’s no stopping them. 

Moreover, Renegade had to deal with the maximum damage over all the three maps. This was more than 18k dealt, as per ForerunnerGG. Whereas, talking about the highest, Stellur finished with the highest KD and KDA. 

The tweet by ForerunnerGG said, “Cloud9 complete the 3-0 sweep against FaZe Clan in the Winners Bracket Finals The entire C9 roster put up double-digit KDA’s and went positive in every statistical category”

Cloud9 went on to be the undefeated champions in both group play and the championship categories. They happened to be in a stellar form after their triumph at this Raleigh. With these wins, they bagged the first HCS Major for Halo Infinite.

Furthermore, if we talk about the Pro Series regional dominance, it was a worldwide trend for the first three events. Talking about wins – Acend has won all three events in Europe whereas the Pittsburgh Knights won all three in Mexico, and lastly Chiefs Esports took all three in Oceania, as per Dotesports.

Now when will see someone compete Cloud9?

We won’t see any tough contender against Cloud9 till the time internal issues of  Sentinels’ are resolved. 

Additionally, Royal1 wasn’t seen after his suspension. This suspension we talk about, is expected to end on Jan. 28. Well, this means he will have to miss the next Pro Series event. Better luck next time!

It’s time to gear up! HCS NA Pro Series four happens on Jan. 27. Do we see Cloud9 take their fifth straight HCS event? We will have to wait and watch for this! They may even grab it all if no one else can stop them.


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