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Artist Creates A Mermaid Version & Other Valkyrae Fanarts [Photos]

A fan of Valkyrae has shared an amazing mermaid version of Valkyrae on Reddit. The post had gained over 450 upvotes at the time of writing.

Reddit user u/Washerlover– shared the artwork on a couple of Reddit groups, featuring Valkyrae as a mermaid. “My contribution to mermay,” the artist captioned the post.

The artist reshared the artwork in another group with the caption, “Valkyrae as a mermaid.”

“I love it, the top comment on the post read. “She should be in a Disney movie one day,” another commenter pointed out.

A third one wrote, “That’s soo pretyyy.”

Last month, Washerlover has shared another awe-inspiring artwork that shows Valkyrae’s GTA Online character Ray Mond with her NSX.

The post had garnered 1.3K upvotes at the time of writing. Share your thoughts about the artworks in the comments down below.

Auczar has reached out to the artist for more details about the Valkyrae fanarts. Watch this space for the latest updates on popular streamers!

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