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Twitter Account Of I&B Ministry’s Briefly Hacked, Named Elon Musk

In a rather interesting yet surprising turn of events, Information And Broadcasting Ministry’s Twitter account got hacked for a short time. It was renamed Elon Musk.

Accounts get hacked every now and then. When it comes to government and celebrity accounts, these are popular targets of hackers.

I&B Ministry’s Twitter Handle Got Hacked And Named Elon Musk


On Wednesday, the Twitter account of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting got hacked for a short time. Within a few minutes, there were tweets sharing screenshots of the hacked account.

Moreover, a Twitter user, @Krishn_, tweeted about the same saying, “It seems the official Twitter handle of the I&B Ministry @MIB_India was hacked temporarily. Renamed after billionaire Elon Musk, with a number of what appear to be spam tweets.”

Furthermore, as soon as the hackers took control of the account they changed the profile name. It was renamed Elon Musk. Well, it looks like we have a huge following of Tesla and SpaceX CEO. Apart from this, hackers even posted a series of tweets asking followers to click on a link.

Interestingly,  as per newslaundry, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting recovered the account in a short time. They released a tweet saying, “The account @Mib_india has been restored. This is for the information of all the followers.”

Last month Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s account was subject to a hack for a short while. Apart from this, Twitter accounts of the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Council of World Affairs have been hacked in January this year.


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