Apple iPhone 13 Leaks
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Apple iPhone 13 Leaks, Detailed Dimensions and Other Key Reveals

As per the regular iPhone launch schedule, Apple ought to unveil the iPhone 13 series in mid-September. As usual, before the official launch, rumors and leaks are doing the rounds.

A Twitter leaker named ‘DuanRui’ posted a schematic that supposedly shows the final design for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The device will have a smaller notch and a triple-lens camera.’, a Slovakian-language blog, said that the images are in line with the iPhone 13 Pro Max schematic when it comes to design changes.

The blog mentions that the notch will shrink by almost 25%. The space in the bezel will measure 2.57 cm compared to the previous 3.45 cm. Also, the iPhone 13 notch will be 26.63 mm wide. The iPhone 13 range will be about 0.1mm thicker (1.3%) than the iPhone 12 range.

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The image also shows that the camera bump will be larger than iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a diameter of 4.49cm and the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a diameter of 3.98cm. Thus, the newer version will be taking up more space on the back than before.

It is also claimed that the volume and power buttons will be lower down the side on the iPhone 13 range.

iPhone 13 models
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It is also rumored that the iPhone 13 will have flat sides as well as flat front and rear glass panels, just like its predecessors. All models will have the same width and height, but they’ll be thicker than before. The handsets will be only 0.2 mm thicker than their iPhone 12 equivalents. Thus, there is a probability of iPhone 12 cases not fitting iPhone 13 models.

One rumor is that the company is adding a sensor-shift OIS (optical image stabilization) tech to the primary camera of all iPhone 13 versions. That was a feature exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro last year.

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