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Elon Musk Feels Tesla Is A Mature Company But SpaceX Still Shakes

Elon Musk made a remote appearance at the Wall Street Journal Council Summit. As he spoke, his conversation made clear that he feels Tesla has matured as a company. On the other hand, SpaceX still needs a lot of his attention. 

In the Summit, Elon clearly pointed out that wasn’t in favor of the new bill by the United States President Joe Biden’s administration. SpaceX CEO simply said that it is better if the bill doesn’t pass. 

Elon Musk Feels SpaceX Still Shakes But Tesla Has Matured 

Musk’s opposition to this new bill is one of the ways through which he showed how Tesla has matured as a company over the years. 

SpaceX CEO pointed out that starships take a hefty amount of his energy, he said, “absorbs more of my mental energy than probably any other single thing.” As per Bloomberg, Musk further added, It is so preposterously difficult, there are times where I wonder whether we can actually do this.”

Just around Thanksgiving, Elon Musk had sent an email to his employees mentioning Raptor production situation as a “crisis” and it is  “much worse than it had seemed a few weeks ago.” He further added, “What it comes down to is that we face a genuine risk of bankruptcy if we can’t achieve a Starship flight rate of at least once every two weeks next year.”

For years, everyone saw Tesla as the shakier company. This was particularly after the wave of executive departures that Tesla went through in 2018. However, the company had been turning the tables behind doors. The same year and following year, 2019 – Tesla made record deliveries. Now in 2021, Tesla is valued at over $1trillion. 

Tesla is stable now, the entire world waits to see, what the future holds for SpaceX and the Starships. 

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